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Welcome to The National Labour Inspectorate's Professor Jan Rosner Memorial  Training Centre at 5 Kopernika Street in Wrocław.

The National Labour Inspectorate's Professor Jan Rosner Memorial Training Centre in Wrocław established for the education and training of inspection personnel is located here at Kopernika Street amidst the Szczytnicki Park.


The Centre has been engaged in the dissemination of labour protection knowledge for over 50 years now. It has trained over one hundred thousand persons. The Centre also organizes domestic and international conferences, symposia and seminars. It has received many awards and honours. Last year it was awarded the Dream Training-Conference Centre quality mark.


The Centre offers comprehensive professional training services, takes orders for the organization of conferences, providing accommodation in its own hotel, and for any gastronomic services.


The Centre's training building is a modern well-equipped training and conference facility. Lectures and classes are held in specially designed rooms. They are given by carefully selected staff of over 100 outstanding specialists in different fields, including work inspectors, university research workers and teachers and experts from specialized institutions and research centres.


Beside the National Labour Inspectorate's personnel, the Centre also trains industrial safety service workers, personnel department workers, social labour inspectors and top and middle managers. It creates custom-made training courses, constantly updated to take account of the continuous changes in regulations, technology and organization.

Modern audiovisual aids, including videos, slides and transparencies, are used in the teaching process.

The latest information technologies have been integrated into the training process through classes conducted in a computer room equipped with ten workstations, where course participants learn to operate computers and use databases and internet resources.


The Centre has its own user-friendly website. Computer technologies find new applications in the Centre's training programs, among others in increasingly popular multimedia presentations.


The Centre's interiors - bright rooms, spacious halls and corridors, a cosy bar - are conducive to the comfort and satisfaction of course participants.


In the Centre's model of training, theory and practice are closely bound. Some classes are held in plants where course participants observe technological and production processes and study the organization of work-places, work safety conditions, potential hazards, personal protection and other aspects of protecting people in the workplace. According to relevant EU standards, knowledge in the fast developing field of safety management and occupational hazard assessment becomes particularly important.

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im. Profesora Jana Rosnera
we Wrocławiu

ul. M. Kopernika 5
51-622 Wrocław



 (71) 37 10 404


 (71) 37 10 409


 (71) 37 10 402





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